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Protect yourself in the future: The importance of consent orders

Family Law – Jul 2019

During divorce proceedings there will often be negotiations concerning a settlement in terms of assets, including property, pensions, savings and investments and income.  A common mistake that parties make during this process is not to obtain a Consent Order.  They sometimes consider that a verbal agreement or an agreement in writing is sufficient.  This is not the case.  Once an agreement has been reached, it is vitally important that it is drafted into a Consent Order.  A Consent Order is important as once it has been approved by the court, it is binding upon the parties.  This means that it is legally enforceable, if one party does not adhere to any of the terms. 

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Ince Metcalfes Headline Sponsors of Portishead Raft Race 2019

July 08, 2019

Our crew have returned safely from the Portishead Raft Race 2019, where Ince Metcalfes were the headline sponsors.  The event attracted approximately 4,000 visitors and raised over £12,000 for local c...

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Metcalfes Solicitors to become Ince Metcalfes

May 01, 2019

Bristol, Portishead and London based law firm Metcalfes Solicitors will change its name to Ince Metcalfes from 4 May 2019....

Events and Courses

Headway Drinks Reception

November 06, 2019

Ince Metcalfes is sponsoring and hosting a drinks reception together with St John's Personal Injury team at The Mud Dock...

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