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Implications of forming a Civil Partnership on your Will

Private Client – Jan 2020

Following the Supreme Court ruling in 2018, it is now legal for heterosexual couples to form a civil partnership. Civil partnerships, which were introduced in 2005, only allowed homosexual couples to be civil partners. A civil partnership offers the same legal protections as a marriage when it comes to property, pension, inheritance and tax entitlements.

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Civil partnerships: an alternative to marriage for all couples

January 02, 2020

It is estimated that around two thirds of cohabiting couples incorrectly believe they have the same rights as married couples or couples in a civil partnership. New legislation in this area provides a...

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Free Family Law Advice Clinic in Bristol - February 5th 2020

February 05, 2020

Would you like legal advice from a family solicitor concerning your relationship or family matters?

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