Undersettled Personal Injury Claims

Even solicitors can get the law wrong sometimes.

We have seen more and more personal injury sufferers coming to us for advice with regards to the amount of personal injury settlement they have been offered. 

If you think you should have got more for your personal injury settlement claim and believe there is a possibility that this has been the result of professional negligence on your former solicitor’s part, we can help you.

An Increasing Trend of Negligence amongst Personal Injury Solicitors

An increasing number of law firms have opted to run “factory” style operations for managing personal injury legal claims. As a consequence of this approach, there has been an increase in the number of unqualified and inexperienced staff managing these types of claims. 

Solicitor negligence, especially with regards to personal injury claims, is more an issue now than it has ever been.

Why Metcalfes? 

Metcalfes prides itself on a more personalised legal approach – we are aware of how much detailed analysis is required for an individual’s legal claim and do not make generalised guesses with regards to compensation amounts.  We also carry out our work on a No Win No Fee basis.

The reality is that suing your solicitor or your lawyer is not as difficult as you might expect and may even be more straightforward than achieving your original under-settled claim was.

If you believe your Personal Injury settlement should be reviewed, don’t hesitate to contact us by web enquiry or by phone 0117 929 0451.

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