Sports Injuries

Playing a sport or keeping fit is a passion for many people and they will continue to do this throughout their lifetime because of their love for it. There are risks involved though, and many of us do not consider them when we pull on our trainers or put on our riding hats.

If you have been unlucky enough to suffer an injury whilst playing sport you will probably be feeling quite upset. This will be magnified if your accident has been caused by someone else’s negligence.

We do understand that you are probably feeling worried about missing work, concerned about your recovery and also whether you will be able to take part in your activity or sport again. We can help you to understand if someone else was negligent and if so, help you decide if you would like to make a claim for compensation.

Types of activities which may cause injuries
There are many different activities in which you could get injured, but to be able to claim compensation for those injuries there has to have been negligence on the part of someone else. 

Some activities or sports where you may be injured are:

• Horse riding
• Football
• Rugby
• At the gym
• Personal training
• Canoeing 
• Kayaking
• Rock climbing
• Caving
• Swimming

There are many other possibilities and if you have been injured whilst taking part in a sport or activity, then you may be able to claim compensation. Contact us today so we can advise you on your situation.

Why should I choose Metcalfes?
We do understand what you are going through and we can help you. Because we have been operating as a law firm for nearly 200 years we have the experience behind us to ensure that your claim is dealt with effectively and that you get the best outcome too.

We are a progressive and friendly firm with an experienced team of personal injury solicitors, who are there to help you. We know that speaking with a solicitor can be daunting so we never use legal jargon when we are discussing your claim with you.

You do not need to worry about how you will fund a claim for personal injury because we will explain all of the options to you and help you decide which one is most suitable.

If you want to talk to a down to earth and progressive law firm, who speaks your language, contact us today. We can help.

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