Motorcycle Accidents

Injury claims arising from motorcycle accidents, whether you were driving or riding as a pillion passenger, can be complicated because of the nature of the injuries often sustained and also when considering who was at fault.

If you have had an accident whilst riding on a motorbike, you may well have suffered serious injuries. This may in turn have led to you having to take time off work so as to recover. 

We do understand that you are in pain, worried about how your recovery will go and what your future will hold, both financially and also with your work life too. We can help you to be clear about where you stand legally and whether you are able to make a claim for compensation for your injuries.

How can you help me?
There are a number of things that we will be able to do for you as soon as you have decided that you want to go ahead and make a claim for compensation. Firstly, we can apply for an interim payment from your opponent’s insurer in order to assist you financially. This will take a huge amount of worry away from you and will allow you the time and space you need to focus on your recovery.

Alongside direct financial help for you, we may also be able to arrange rehabilitation treatment as well. Your rehabilitation may take many different forms and could include adaptations to your home as well as specialist treatments for your injuries.

Why should I choose Metcalfes?
Within our team of personal injury lawyers, we have motorcycle riders who are fully qualified motorcyclists and they will be able to apply the specific issues around riding a motorcycle to your claim. This helps us to have a unique perspective that not all law firms have when dealing with motorcycle accidents.

We will take the time to explain in detail all aspects and issues with your claim so you enter into the claims process with all of the facts. We promise never to use legal jargon and we will always keep you informed at every stage of your claim. 

You may be concerned about how you will pay for a solicitor, but there are options open to you, which we will be happy to explain and offer advice on which one will work for you best. 

If you want a forward thinking, motorcycle experienced law firm to help you, you should contact us today. We can help

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