Road Traffic Accidents

Many people every day are affected by road accidents. Whether they are serious, life threatening ones or just a low speed bump at a roundabout. Whatever the circumstances, road traffic accidents can be extremely upsetting and, at best, quite inconvenient too.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and were injured as a result you will probably be feeling upset, hurt, worried about how you will get around without your car and stressed about all the phone calls you will have to make to insurance companies too.

We do understand how you feel and we can help you understand if you are able to make a claim for your injuries and try to take away some of the stress you are feeling so you can recover from your injuries as quickly as possible. 

Types of road traffic accidents
There are a huge number of different circumstances in which you may be involved in a road traffic accident. Some of these circumstances are:
• Any type of vehicle collision
• Accident with a foreign driver who is in England or Wales
• Hit and run accident
• Accident with an uninsured driver
• Accident with an emergency vehicle
• As a passenger in a car

These are a few of the most common types, but if you have had an accident on the road and you are not sure if you can make a claim you should talk to us so we can help you to establish if you have a compensation claim and if you would like to make one. 

How can you help me?
Our experienced personal injury team has a huge amount of experience in road traffic accident claims, no matter how complex they are. We will use all of that experience to make sure that we achieve the best outcome possible for you.

If you have serious injuries and you are unable to work we can apply for interim payments to make sure that you can continue to pay your bills whilst you are recovering. We will also be able to arrange rehabilitation treatment for you, should you need it.

If your injuries aren’t as serious, it is still important for you to have an appointment with a medical expert and to have access to rehabilitation too if you need it. We will talk to you in detail about all of the items you will be able to seek reimbursement for, such as prescriptions, medication and any physiotherapy or treatments you have paid for.

Our services include:

Why choose us?
Alongside our experienced personal injury team, we as a firm have nearly 200 years of experience in law and this will all be used to your advantage.
We know how difficult a time you will be having so we will treat you with sensitivity and act with absolute professionalism.

You may have concerns about how you will pay for a compensation claim but we will explain all of the funding options open to you in detail and give you advice on which one will suit you best. 

If you want a law firm which is progressive, forward thinking and puts their clients first, you should contact us today. We can help.

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