Limb Loss Injuries

Losing a limb will have a profound effect on you and potentially on your loved ones too. You will be trying to come to terms with your loss alongside all of the other worries such as your job, your financial future, your rehabilitation and what the future holds for you following your injury.

We do understand the pressures you are facing and we can help you to gain some control back and to start to move forward, not only with your recovery, but also with your future plans.

How can you help me?
Whether you suffered a traumatic amputation following a car accident, an accident at work or some other situation, we will be able to talk to you in detail about what has happened and help you to understand your legal position. This will allow you to decide what your next step will be.

You will be very upset by your accident and we can immediately start to make a difference to you and your family too. We will do all we can to secure funding for a privately sourced prosthetic rather than you waiting for the NHS and being restricted by what they have to offer.

If you decide to instruct us to represent you we will apply for an interim payment from your opponent as soon as possible, which will enable you to continue with any rehabilitation you need and will also allow you to be able to make changes and adaptations within your home if necessary.

Losing a limb is devastating, but we can start working on the practicalities for you whilst you focus on your recovery.

Why should I choose Metcalfes?
 We will use all of our years of experience into getting the best possible outcome for you following your limb loss.

Our experienced personal injury team work with people who have been affected by accidents like yours on a regular basis and we know we can help you too.

If you decide to ask us to represent you, we will always work with professionalism and integrity on your behalf. We will want to build a relationship with you throughout the process so you can rely on us to act in your best interests.

When it comes to funding your claim for personal injury we will provide you with details of all of the available options and also give you advice about which one we think is most suitable for you.

If you are looking for an experienced and forward thinking legal practice who will put you first, you should contact us today. We can help.

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