Life Changing Injuries

Accidents can change lives, it is as simple as that. You, or someone close to you, may have suffered some extremely serious injuries which will impact hugely on the way you live your life in future, in terms of the job that you do, the hours that you work, where you live and so on.

Unless you have been through this, it is hard to be able to grasp the changes that you will have to deal with. We have helped many people, who have suffered life changing injuries, with the legal and the practical side of their accident. We can help you too.
It is important to understand how a compensation claim can help you and your family to come to terms with your injuries and assist you with the practical and financial challenges you are now having to face.

What are life changing injuries?
There are many different types of injuries which could have life changing outcomes. Some of these are:
Limb loss
• Spinal injuries
• Paralysis
• Neck injuries
• Loss of sight
• Loss of hearing

How can we help you?
You will be going through a very difficult time trying to come to terms with what has happened. Alongside this, you will almost certainly have worries about your financial future and whether you will be able to work again, at least to the same level as before. You will no doubt also be concerned also about how you will afford to pay for your ongoing care and rehabilitation and how you can afford to adapt your current house to suit your needs. You may even need to consider moving house, if your current property is not suitable for you to continue living there.

We can take some of the strain from you by ensuring that we secure early interim payments to fund some of necessary items you will now need. Once the stress of the financial burden is lifted a bit, you will be able to focus more on your recovery.

Why Metcalfes?
Our personal injury team has experience of helping many people who have been affected by life changing injuries, and we can do the same for you. We will use all of this experience to represent you. 
As a progressive law firm, we know that you want professionalism and expertise and we will provide that for you. We won’t ever use legal jargon when talking to you and we promise to always keep you up to date with your claim.

There are options available to you to fund your claim and we will take the time to explore these with you and offer you advice on what we think will give you the best outcome.

Let us help you to deal with the legal and financial side of your injuries. Please contact us today, we can help.

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