Injuries from Faulty Products

It is always exciting when you get something new and you get to open the box and use your new item, but what if the product you have bought/received is substandard and injures you or a family member? Or what if you have hired a tool or a piece of equipment to be able to complete a job and you end up with an injury as a result of a fault with the equipment?

We do know how disappointing it is when one is sold or rented something which is not satisfactory or fit for purpose. We can help you to try to come to terms with what has happened and to decide if you want to make a claim for compensation for your injuries.

How do I know if I can make a claim?
Whatever the circumstances surrounding your accident, we will be able to help you to understand if you can make a claim for compensation. First of all, the accident has to have happened as a result of someone else’s fault (otherwise known as negligence). This may sound complicated but, following out initial conversation, we will quickly be able to tell you whether you are able to claim compensation for your injuries.

Responsibility for your accident may rest with the person or company who made the product, or, if you hired the product, the responsibility may lie with the rental company. It could be that the product had been poorly maintained by the rental company, which caused it to fail. 

Perhaps the shop you purchased the product from was responsible for your accident. For example, the product had a manufacturer’s recall notice upon it. 

You can see that there are many things to investigate and that is why it is so important to seek advice from a solicitor who is experienced in this area of law.

How can we help you?
We have been helping people like you for generations. We have adapted and moved with the times to ensure that we continue to deliver the excellent service and professional approach one expects from a long standing law firm. We know how upsetting being injured is, so we will treat you with sensitivity at all times and also never use complicated legal language or jargon when discussing your claim with you.

Due to the fact there are a number of ways in which you can fund your claim, we will spend time with you explaining all of the options and offer you advice on which one we think will give you the best outcome.
We promise to put you at the heart of everything we do, so contact us today.

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