Industrial Diseases

Having an illness or injury is upsetting in itself, but many people suffer from illnesses or injuries that have happened as result of the work they do or the environment they work in. This can be even more upsetting because you may feel like your employer has let you down and left you with a permanent condition as a result of their failure to protect you and keep you safe.

We understand that you are probably angry, confused and upset about what your next steps should be. We can help you to understand your legal position and to be clear about what action you should take next.
What is industrial disease?

Industrial disease, which is also sometimes known as industrial illness, covers a large number of conditions, illnesses and diseases. It is essentially an umbrella term for any condition that is suffered as a result of one’s job or workplace. Some of these are:

• Industrial deafness
• Tinnitus
• Lung disease
Asbestos related conditions
• Repetitive strain injuries
• Vibration white finger
• Dermatitis

These are only a small number of examples of industrial diseases and if you are concerned that you are suffering from one, you should contact us today to discuss your situation.

How do I know if I have an industrial disease?
Many people find it difficult to understand how it is possible to link an illness, condition or disease to a job or workplace that you left many years ago, but with the help of medical experts and our legal knowledge, we can help you to prove that link exists and show that your past employer was responsible.

You may already be aware that you were exposed to asbestos years ago whilst doing your job. If this is the case and you have since been diagnosed with a lung condition, it may be a good idea to ask your GP if there is any possibility that your illness has been caused by your exposure to asbestos.

If you worked for many years in a noisy environment and you now suffer from hearing loss and/or tinnitus, this may be as a result of your job and you should make further enquires with your GP about the nature of your condition. 

It is important to understand that with conditions that have developed many years later, there is a time limit in place to claim compensation. That time limit is usually 3 years from when you knew or ought to have known that your condition was caused by your job. You should therefore seek legal advice as soon as possible. 

How can we help you?
We have many years’ experience in helping people like you who have suffered from industrial disease, and we can help you too.

Our firm has been operating for over 200 years and our professional and experienced solicitors will ensure that you receive the best outcome possible for your claim.

We put you, our client, at the heart of all we do and we want you to feel secure with us on your side. We will never use legal jargon when discussing your claim with you and we will always keep you informed of progress.

You should consider carefully all the options available to you to be able to fund your claim and we will explain each one in detail. We can then assist you in deciding which one is most suitable for you.

If you have, or think you may have an industrial disease, you should contact us today. We can help.

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