Reporting a Wrongful Death

What is an inquest?
If you are faced with the death of someone close to you in circumstances that appear suspicious or you suspect someone else may be to blame, we can help.

We will take you through all the necessary steps required for reporting a suspected wrongful death. 

(Please note that these rules apply to deaths in England and Wales only).

How can we help you?
When someone dies unexpectedly the family or partner of the person who has died will need to deal with a large number of legal organisations.

If that is you, then you may find that you will be asked to make vital decisions at a time when you are highly distressed and traumatised - still struggling to come to terms with the fact that someone close to you has died. This guide should assist you but is no substitute for contacting a specialist lawyer to help you through the process.

At Burroughs Day our specialist Fatal Injury lawyers can provide a complete legal service to guide you through the legal maze when it appears likely that someone else was to blame (or was partially to blame) for causing the "wrongful death".

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