Wrong Site Surgery

When you are told that you have to have surgery it is often a very frightening prospect, which is made slightly less concerning by the fact that you trust the doctors who are performing the surgery for you. If you wake up and find out that your surgery has been completed but has happened in the wrong place, you will certainly feel let down, upset and confused.

We can help you to come to terms with these feelings and we can help you to pursue a claim for medical negligence if you decide you want to.

How can this happen?
It seems hard to imagine that surgery can take place on the wrong part of your body, but there were 70 incidents in the last two years within the NHS. These incidents are referred to as ‘never events’, serious breaches of patient safety which should ‘never’ happen.

Wrist bands are used to identify patients and there is a standard format for the information on the wrist bands, the type and size used, and even how many can be printed out. Errors with wrist bands can sometimes be responsible for mistakes in care given.

More likely to be the cause of wrong site surgery will be poor use of the Surgical Safety Checklist. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) introduced this Surgical Safety Checklist in 2008 as a result of these types of ‘never events’.

They contain information which is designed to be read aloud at the point of surgery and is designed to stop wrong site surgery happening.

Our experience
Our experienced medical negligence team will be able to assist you in deciding if you would like to make a claim for medical negligence. 

We have recovered compensation for many clients successfully and we will discuss with you the chances of success in your particular situation. 

We treat all of our clients as individuals and it is important to us that you understand the legal issues before making a decision about pursuing a claim for medical negligence.

What will it cost to make a claim?
We will give you a free consultation to talk to you about your possible claim and to help you understand clearly what funding options are available to you. We will also tell you which option we think is most suitable.

This free consultation will give you the opportunity to decide if you are happy for us to represent you, and you will be under no obligation to take the claim forward.

For more information or to speak to one of our friendly team for your free initial consultation, please call 0117 239 8012 or complete our online enquiry form.

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