Klebsiella Bacter Claims

Hospital superbugs have become a regular topic in the news recently, with many patients and health professionals becoming increasingly concerned about these drug resistant bacteria in hospitals. Most of the time you will hear about superbugs like MRSA and C Diff but Klebsiella is as big a threat as the other more well-known superbugs.

If you have contracted Klebsiella bacter whilst in hospital you will be extremely upset and distressed and you may have had an extended stay in hospital, which could have caused difficulties in your home life or at work.

We can help you to understand how you contracted Klebsiella bacter, if the hospital was negligent and help you to decide if you would like to make a claim for medical negligence.

What is Klebsiella bacter?
Klebsiella bacter is a rod shaped bacteria which are found in the natural environment and also in one’s intestinal tract. There are a number of different strains, the most common being Klebsiella pneumoniae, which can cause pneumonia if the bacteria gets into the lungs. This normally happens outside of a hospital environment.

Another Klebsiella bacter strain is prevalent in hospitals and it is called Klebsiella oxytoca. This can cause infection of wounds, infection from urinary catheters and also respiratory equipment, such as breathing tubes. It can also cause septicaemia (bacteria in the blood) and other serious conditions. Early diagnosis and treatment is needed to prevent fatal outcomes, but most people make a full recovery in 1 to 4 weeks.

How did I get Klebsiella bacter?
The Klebsiella bacter bacteria is found in our digestive tract and is normally completely harmless. It is only when the bacteria passes outside of the digestive tract that it causes issues and life threatening infections. Klebsiella bacter is most commonly seen in people with an already weakened immune system (eg. Diabetics; people suffering with liver or kidney disease etc).

Early treatment with intravenous antibiotics is necessary, following tests to determine which strain of Klebsiella bacter you have contracted. You will also be isolated to stop the spread of the bacteria within the hospital and you will have to be barrier nursed. This can have a negative impact on your recovery as isolation can be very upsetting too.

Our experience in medical negligence
Our medical negligence team have many years’ experience in helping people with problems like yours, and we are ready to help you too. 

We offer all of our potential clients a free consultation, where we can talk to you in detail about your situation and help you to understand where you stand legally. We’ll explain the whole process of making a claim using language which you will understand and without using legal jargon.

There are different options available to you to be able to fund a claim for medical negligence and we will explain each of these to you clearly and offer you advice on which option we think will work for you best.

There is no obligation to take it any further than the consultation so call us now, we are waiting to help.

For more information or to speak to one of our friendly team for your free initial consultation, please call 0117 239 8012 or complete our online enquiry form.

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