Failure to Diagnose Correctly

When you visit your GP with an illness or a problem you trust that they are going to listen to you, to understand the symptoms you are describing and to take the appropriate action. Thankfully most of the time this does happen but sometimes things can go wrong and your GP could overlook your symptoms and not diagnose your illness.

We understand how upset you must be if your GP has failed to diagnose your medical problem. The repercussion of this failure to diagnose you can be very serious and very distressing for you. We can help you try to come to terms with what has happened and make a claim for medical negligence if that is what you decide you would like to do.

What can happen if your diagnosis gets missed?

This will obviously depend upon the nature of the condition that has been missed, and how long it was until a correct diagnosis was made. If, for example, there has been a failure to diagnose a broken collarbone for a period of one week, then the consequences may simply be restricted to one week’s additional pain for the patient. If, however, there has been a failure to diagnose a fractured hip over a period of six months then it is possible that, as well as the additional pain that the patient has experienced unnecessarily, more lasting damage to the hip socket itself may have been caused.

Some of the most serious cases we have dealt with involve GPs’ failure to diagnose a patient’s symptoms of cancer and, therefore, failing to refer that patient for the appropriate treatment and advice. Such failure can ultimately mean the difference between life and death.

Most illnesses that are diagnosed as soon as possible have a better outcome after treatment than those diagnosed late. 

If there is a delay in your diagnosis and you have a serious illness, treatment options that were available before may not be appropriate now and this will impact how treatable your illness is.

How can we help? 

Our experienced medical negligence team has been helping clients like you receive compensation and we can help you too.

We will offer you a free consultation and talk to you in detail about your situation and what happened with your GP. We’ll explain your legal position in a way which is easy to understand and we won’t use complicated language either.

We’ll explain all of the options open to you for funding your claim and we will make sure that you are happy for us to represent you.

For more information or to speak to one of our friendly team for your free initial consultation, please call 0117 239 8012 or complete our online enquiry form.

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