Cancer misdiagnosis and mistreatment

Cancer treatment has developed significantly in recent years and it is now possible to effectively prevent, or treat some types of cancer.

Early detection is crucial to improving a patient’s quality of life, as well as their survival chances and life expectancy. Cancer misdiagnosis not only increases the devastation felt by patients and their families, but often leads to the cancer worsening, or becoming incurable. The window of opportunity for early treatment may be lost.

Possible reasons for medical negligence claims for cancer misdiagnosis

There can be a number of ways cancer treatment or care can be negligent:

  • Failure to diagnose – this can be due to your doctor either missing, or misinterpreting your symptoms, or misinterpreting test results;
  • Delay in diagnosis – where there has been an unacceptable delay in arriving at a diagnosis. This can be caused by a delay in referral to a specialist, delays in carrying out a biopsy, or failure to act quickly enough in reaction to test results alongside others;
  • Cancer misdiagnosis – some patients are diagnosed as having cancer when they do not. This can lead to them enduring difficult, evasive and painful treatments unnecessarily.

Sometimes medical negligence can also happen where:

  • The incorrect treatment has been given;
  • There has been a failure to monitor treatment properly.

Common types of cancer that can go undetected, or often lead to cancer misdiagnosis include:

  •  Bone cancer
  •  Bladder cancer
  •  Brain tumour
  •  Bowel / colorectal cancer
  •  Breast cancer
  •  Liver cancer
  •  Lung cancer
  •  Melanoma
  •  Oral / mouth cancer
  •  Testicular or prostate cancer

Your claim for cancer misdiagnosis or mistreatment

At such a difficult and emotional time, it is essential to have an experienced team behind you. We understand the importance of approaching these cases with great understanding, sensitivity and care whilst still being able to offer the best legal advice to you.  We appreciate the positive steps that are needed to make a difference to you and your family, as well as your claim. Cancer misdiagnosis claims involve complex legal and medical issues and are highly individual in all respects. We understand and employ an individual approach to every element of your claim.

If you have any worries regarding your diagnosis or treatment of cancer of any type and you are concerned about the future for you or your family, we are able to assist you. We can support you to make a claim if you feel you have lost someone due to a delay, or cancer misdiagnosis, 

If you or a loved one have suffered because of delays or failures in diagnosing cancer, contact us on 0117 239 8012, or email us using the online contact form for advice and to discuss the options you have in bringing a claim for compensation.

Our experience and process

We handle medical negligence cases arising out of a failure by medical professionals to diagnose a wide variety of cancers, including:

During our first, free consultation we will go through your treatment (or lack of it) in detail, and help you to identify the point at which the cancer should have been diagnosed. 

If we are able to take your case on, we will instruct an independent medical expert to review your medical records and provide a report detailing (amongst other things), the difference in your prognosis (i.e. the expected future outcome of your condition) now, as compared to what it would have been had you been diagnosed properly. This report will form the basis of your medical negligence claim. 

Funding & No Win, No Fee

There are different options available to you to fund a claim and we will discuss each of these with you. We will be able to offer advice on which one will provide you with the best outcome. The vast majority of our medical negligence work is funded by way of a “no win, no fee” agreement, meaning that if the case is unsuccessful you will have nothing to pay.

We offer all of our potential clients a first free consultation so we can discuss all of the things we need to cover with you and to also make sure that you are comfortable with us representing you. You will not be under any obligation to make a claim. Call us today and we will be happy to advise you on your options.

Please read one of our articles for more information about cancer or our FAQ :

If you or a loved one have suffered because of delays or failures in diagnosing cancer, contact us on 0117 239 8012, or email us using the online contact form for advice and to discuss the options you have in bringing a claim for compensation.

Client stories - Cancer misdiagnosis and mistreatment:

Mrs S (on behalf of the Estate of Mr S (deceased) - - NHS Our client received £200,000 compensation after her husband passed away from bowel cancer. It was accepted by the hospital that there was an unacceptable delay in diagnosis and that his death could have been avoided with earlier diagnosis and treatment.

GF - v - NHS Trust Our client received £100,000 after his wife passed away following a diagnosis of kidney cancer. It was argued that there was a one year delay in diagnosis, which led to the cancer becoming incurable and her passing away. Had the cancer been diagnosed earlier, it could have been treated with surgery. Damages were awarded for her pain and suffering whilst she was alive and to her husband for the loss of his wife.

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