Fixed Fee Family Law Advice in Bristol & Portishead

We are delighted to offer ‘Ask the Legal Expert’ advice sessions for £200 + VAT

This enables you to speak to our family law specialists for clear legal advice on your rights, responsibilities and options without the commitment or pressure of going any further. 

‘Ask the Legal Expert’ is a unique service providing up to 1 hour of one-to-one legal advice from a specialist lawyer who has the expert knowledge you need.

Will the £200 ‘Ask the Legal Expert’ help you?

This service is designed for you if you:

  • Do not yet feel ready to instruct a lawyer to launch into the full case.
  • First want a more detailed discussion about what is really involved.
  • Need some specialist help so that you can take the matter forward.

Your ‘Ask the Legal Expert’ session is an opportunity to:

  • Talk through what has happened so far and what you would like to happen.
  • Discuss what is worrying you about the situation you face.
  • Get straight-forward views from the lawyer in plain English.
  • Get practical advice on what steps you should take to protect your position.
  • Receive an expert insight from the lawyer who has knowledge and experience of the area of law.
  • Consider with the lawyer whether the outcome you want to achieve is possible.
  • Obtain direction from an expert lawyer who has experience of what tends to happen in this area of law.
  • Explore the legal options open to you – so you get the best out of the legal system.
  • Benefit from general advice to help you decide what you want to do.
  • Leave knowing more about where you stand and the options open to you.

It is up to you how you use your hour.  All or part of the time can be used to help you write a letter (to be sent in your name) or to complete a legal form or document.

At any of these sessions our friendly and professional family solicitors will advise you in respect of any issues you may be facing, for example:

Is the ‘Ask the Legal Expert’ service right for you?

  • It gives you access to one-off legal advice without all the costs of instructing us to take on the case for you.
  • It is usually a face to face session at our local offices, but can be by telephone.
  • You will get up to an hour of focused time with an experienced, specialist lawyer.
  • The advice you receive will be based on what you tell us in the limited time available – if there is something important or relevant that you think we should know (even if it is unhelpful to your case) it is important that you tell us.
  • The principle behind ‘Ask the Legal Expert’ is to give you general advice from the lawyer’s experience, to help you decide what action to take – either on your own or by instructing a lawyer.
  • The lawyer will have insufficient time (given the limited time available) to conduct a formal and detailed review of any documents you provide or to carry out specific research into the area of law.
  • The aim of the service is to leave you more knowledgeable of the general area of law, in the time available.  The service will be of a general nature and many not solve your problem.
  • The service is not the same as instructing a lawyer to spend all the time necessary (perhaps several hours) finding out all the relevant facts from you, your documents and any other party and then providing comprehensive and specific advice.
  • You should leave the session knowing more about where you stand, how you could proceed from there and what would be involved.  The lawyer will draw on their experience to guide you through what is likely to happen and how such cases tend to work out.
  • Unlike some ‘free advice’ sessions the lawyer will not use your time as a sales pitch for our services.

All this and certainty as to the cost – just £200 + VAT.  With Ince Metcalfes, there are no hidden costs!

If you would like to go ahead, please contact a member of our family team who will arrange to take your payment and to book your session at a time convenient to you.

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