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New survey highlights discrimination in the interview process.

June 02, 2017

Have you ever had a job interview that seemed to have very little or nothing to do with with your ability to the job? 

According to a recent survey by the BBC, you are not alone.

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The BBC's findings highlight the scale of which discrimination happens within the interview process whether intended or not. More than 1,500 people came forward to talk about a whole range of questions deemed "inappropriate" and "outrageous" for a variety of reasons, so it seems these HR horror stories are not uncommon.

"There are some questions that you just shouldn't be asked at a job interview. Job applicants are protected by discrimination law and interviewers should guard against conscious and unconscious bias about characteristics such as gender, sexual orientation, age, religion and disability."

What you shouldn't be asked during a job interview

Blatant discrimination dead giveaways include:

  • "Are you planning to have children?" (said to a young woman)
  • "Could you cope with all of this at your age? (said to a middle aged woman)
  • "How much sickness absence have you had in the past year? (said to a disabled man)

If you feel you have missed getting a job because of unlawful discrimination, call a member of our Employment team for advice on your options. 

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