Diabetes Awareness - the dangers of mistreatment

February 15, 2018

Mr Z was a type 2 diabetic, who developed a cut on his foot from a new pair of shoes. This developed into a non-healing foot ulcer, which wasn’t reviewed by his GP and was only dealt with by the practice nurse.

After a few weeks, Mr Z visited his GP with a temperature, which the GP diagnosed as a UTI and prescribed him with antibiotics, ignoring the ulcer. Mr Z went back to the GP two weeks later complaining of flu like symptoms, this is when the GP finally examined his ulcer, which was still being dressed by his wife, but noted that it was healing. When Mr Z went back to a walk in centre a few days after his prescription of antibiotics had finished, he was told to see a GP the following day in regards to his wound. The GP then examined the wound and told him to come back on Monday for further examination. On Monday, Mr Z having been very ill over the weekend, went back to his GP and was taken to A&E immediately. The orthopaedic team assessed him and told him that he needed an amputation.

Had Mr Z been referred by his GP to a specialist on the first or second occasion that he was reviewed it was likely that his ulcer would have been swabbed, he would have received the correct antibiotics, his wound would have been treated correctly and it would have healed. Whilst he probably would have developed further ulcers in the future his prognosis would have been much better had he been treated earlier Mr Z lost his livelihood.  He lost his social life and he was no longer able to spend quality time with his sons. His mobility was drastically reduced and he began to feel frail.  He became depressed, needed an automatic car, orthosis and pressure relieving shoes for life.  This case is from 2009 and prevention and early treatment is now much more at the forefront of a clinician’s minds.  However if you don’t feel that you have received the right care and you have suffered from a complication as a result of diabetes, we may be able to help.

Here at Metcalfes we have an experienced team of Medical Negligence Lawyers who can offer you specialist advice.   We deal with all areas of medical negligence including delayed diagnosis. If you believe that you or a family member has suffered as a result of medical negligence then please contact us on 0117 239 8012.  Alternatively, you can email us by using our online contact form and we will be happy to discuss your potential claim with you.

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Diabetes Awareness - the dangers of mistreatment

Gillian Clark

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