Making Someone Redundant

We understand the pressure businesses like yours are under to save costs and make efficiency savings. More often than not, this process can involve looking at your workforce and making difficult decisions, including restructuring teams and making redundancies

It is vital that you seek legal advice before embarking on any restructuring or redundancy process. Whilst many people use these terms interchangeably, legally, they are different.  You therefore need to understand which applies in any given situation (it could be both).

How we can help

We will work closely with you to establish what you want to achieve for your business going forward.  We will then formulate the right strategy to help you put everything in place.  Careful consideration and planning can help avoid problems down the line.
Our experienced team will guide you through every stage, including understanding your consultation obligations, running an employee representative election processes, dealing with trade unions, conducting meetings with staff, and dealing with any appeals against dismissal. 

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Whilst someone may not have the minimum 2 years’ service to bring an ordinary unfair dismissal claim, there are still a number of potential claims they may try and assert, e.g. unlawful discrimination. 

We will assess the risk of any such claim with you at the outset, and help you to handle and address any such allegations if and when they arise.

Contact our team of expert employment solicitors to discuss your needs on 0117 929 0451 or email.

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