Employment Contracts

A contract of employment is an agreement between an employer and employee and is the basis of the employment  relationship. Our Expert solicitors can advise you on what should be included in your business' contracts.

Getting the right staff contracts in place not only ensures you are protecting your business, they also ensure you are complying with your legal obligations.

All employees are entitled to receive written confirmation of certain terms and conditions within the first 2 months of their employment.

It is important your contracts contain the right terms to protect your organisation's on-going business interests: Not only can the contract help to prevent issues from arising in the first place, if drafted carefully, they can provide protection after the employment relationship has ended. 

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Tailored Employment Contracts and Policies

We tailor employment contracts to suit each client’s individual needs; we recognise that the contract you issue to an administrator is likely to be different to the one you want for your managers.

Tailored policies are also a vital tool to ensure you clearly set out your organisations rules and expectations of staff, as well as giving you the platform to take action if an issue arises. 

Contact our team of expert employment solicitors to discuss your needs on 0117 929 0451 or email.

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