Terms of Business

We can assist you in the drafting and tailoring of a set of terms and conditions specific to the needs of your business and provide you with comprehensive advice on the legislation that governs the supply of goods and services to both businesses and private consumers.

Terms of Business

Terms of business provide a detailed code of rules to protect your business, for example, against customers who fail to pay on time, including retention of title arrangements which can enable you as a supplier to legally repossess goods supplied in the event of non-payment. 

You should have your own standard terms of business for use in every transaction that you make. Clear and legally compliant Terms of Business will help to avoid disputes arising at a later date.

Terms of Sale

It surprises us how often businesses don’t have an enforceable up-to-date contract and subsequently run into difficulties when trying to recover money owed or recover goods which have not been paid for.

Whether you are selling to businesses, consumers or both, it is vital your terms of sale are up to date and binding – you want to be able to enforce the law if something unexpected happens or a customer lets you down.

We can review your existing terms or draft a new set for a fixed fee to ensure that you are fully covered for all eventualities.
If you are buying goods or services from a sub-contractor, we can also draft back-to-back terms of purchase to work with your existing terms of sale.

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