Professional Negligence Claims

You are entitled to expect a reasonable standard of care and competence from your professional advisors.

However, mistakes can happen and these can have a very serious financial impact on your business.

Our specialist lawyers are experienced in pursuing claims against professionals including (among others):

  • Solicitors
  • Accountants and financial advisors
  • Surveyors

We have substantial expertise in using the Professional Negligence Pre-Action Protocol, negotiation, mediation and other litigation tools  to recover substantial damages from professional advisers.

If you believe that your professional advisers have been negligent and have caused you loss, please contact us.  In most cases, we can agree a fixed fee for assessing your case.

What does it cost to sue someone?

  • What does it cost to sue someone?

    The minimum court fee to start a small claim is £25. Court fees will then depend on how much money is at stake and how far the proceedings have progressed.

    At the other end of the scale, the court fees for a claim worth £350k will be at least £3,000. How much you have to pay for the associated legal advice will depend less on the value of the claim and more on its complexity.

    How much would a solicitor cost here?

    Realistically, our assistance on a small claim would have to be limited in order to avoid charging more than the claim itself is worth.

    Typically, if a large case is not settled before trial, the client will have paid us between £20k and £40k in fees.

    However, most claims are settled long before the case comes before a judge.

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