IP Infringement & Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property rights can have huge actual and potential value. It can be a vital area that your business must protect.

We assist businesses in taking action to protect:

Trademarks - any sign that can distinguish the goods and services of one trader from those of another.
Copyright - which protects original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works, sound recordings, films and broadcasts from unlicensed copying and exploitation.
Designs -  which protects the appearance of the whole or part of a product resulting from its lines, contours, colours, shape, textures and materials.

In our experience, infringement of intellectual property can often occur unknowingly or unintentionally.  We have experience acting for those whose rights have been infringed and those accused of infringement.  We will give you pro-active, practical advice.
If you believe your intellectual property rights have been infringed, or if you have been accused of infringing another party’s intellectual property, contact us straight away.

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