Our highly experienced commercial litigation team provides clear, practical advice and representation to businesses and private individuals looking to claim for disputed and undisputed debts.

We will work with you to recover debts as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Our fees (for claims up to £100,000)

Your costs will  be calculated on a fixed fee basis for simple matters, or based on our hourly fee rates for medium/high complexity matters.  You will be informed at the outset of the matter as to whether fixed fees or hourly rates apply.

The total cost of your matter will depend upon the complexity however below are the average ranges for simple, medium, and high complexity matters.

Simple matters:                                 £250 to £5,000 plus VAT (currently 20%)

Medium complexity case:                 £3,000 to £20,000 plus VAT (currently 20%)

High complexity case:                      £5,000 to £50,000 plus VAT (currently 20%)

Please note that the VAT element of our fee cannot be reclaimed from your debtor.

The above costs would include:

  • Taking instructions and reviewing documentation;
  • Receiving payment and forwarding payment to you;
  • Pre-action correspondence;
  • Drafting and issuing claim where payment is not made;
  • Preparation of proceedings from letter of claim up to and including final hearing;
  • Where no Acknowledgment of Service or Defence is received, applying to the court to enter Judgement in default;
  • When Judgement in default in received, write to the other side to request payment;
  • If payment is not received within the time stipulated in the initial letter, providing you with advice on next steps and likely costs.

There are a number of factors that could make matters more complex and therefore increase cost. These could include, but are not limited to:

  • Lack of supporting paperwork from the client;
  • Interim applications;
  • Attendance at mediation;
  • Contractual issues;
  • Consideration of a counter claim.

As costs are calculated on our hourly rate there are also a number of factors that could reduce your bill, such as:

  • Client supplying clear and concise paperwork
  • Early settlement of matter

Additional fees

There are a number of disbursements that you may be required to pay in addition to our costs. Thee could include, but are not limited to:

  • Advocate fees for Court attendance – fees will depend on the complexity of the case
  • Court fees of between £50 and £255 depending on the type of Application (Court fees for the issue of Claim Forms vary depending on the value of the debt).


The average timescale for a debt recovery matter is 3 months but will depend upon a number of variables including the ability to serve the Debtor and the Court availability.  We will keep you updated on the progress of your case.

Debt Recovery Specialists

The team is led by Natasha Bliss, Partner, who specialises in commercial law and has acted for a wide range of businesses as well as individuals.  She qualified in 2005 and is highly experienced in recovering debts successfully.  Natasha will lead your case and be supported by Laura Ramos, Trainee Solicitor and Kinga Burzynska, Paralegal.

For further information about making a debt recovery claim please get in touch with our Litigation Team by calling 0117 929 0451, email or completing our website enquiry form. 

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