Registering your Logo as a Trademark

Intellectual property is something you or your business creates that’s different to anything else available on the market. It includes copyright, patents and trademarks and can be the product that you invent or your businesses logo.

The Intellectual Property Office describes a trademark as: 

“a sign which can distinguish your goods and services from those of your competitors. It can be for example words, logos or a combination of both.”

The only way to register your trademark is to apply to the Intellectual Property Office.

Can I register my logo as a trademark?

Yes, if it meets the criteria applied by the Intellectual Property Office you can register it. Contact us to request a list of criteria. In summary it must:

  • Be capable of being represented graphically.

Be distinctive and not be identical or similar to a trademark that has already been registered for identical or similar goods or services.

Why should I register my trademark?

  • To gain immediate protection from the unauthorised use of it by someone else. If your trademark is not registered it is much more difficult to take action against someone using it without your permission.
  • To promote brand awareness and to avoid confusion of your trademark with that of another trader.
  • To prevent another trader from registering the same or a similar mark and taking advantage of your business reputation.
  • To provide your business with a recognisable symbol of quality by use of the ® mark.

How do I register my trademark?

Trademarks are registered in the UK at the Intellectual Property Office. Contact us to find out more about the process.

Why do I need a solicitor to help me?

  • To advise whether your mark meets the criteria for registration and to ensure that the classes of goods and services for which you apply fully cover all current and future uses of the trademark.
  • To ensure that your mark does not conflict with one already registered or applied for by another trader in the UK or Europe and to advise on the available options where a mark is refused or opposed.

Trademark review

For advice concerning trademark registration and the costs involved, please contact us.

The cost of registering a trademark varies depending on the mark and the types of products or services you are offering. The value is also higher for some business sectors than others.

Where there is very little chance of copying or problems with registration, we might even advise against registering your trademark.

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